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Hello everyone,


I am an artist living in the south of France, in the Luberon Regional Nature Park.


I began my artistic life with painting and drawing, then discovered the world of photography, which I loved. I began by photographing the landscapes of my region, then some parts of Western Europe as I traveled, in search of symphonic metal music festivals with female singers. My main work involves photographing rock and metal concerts and their singers, of whom I'm a huge fan. You'll find plenty of photos of all these "sisters of darkness" in my galleries.

Parallel to all this work, I've also responded to requests to photograph portraits, events, artistic nudes, etc., both on location and in the studio.


I'm a serious and attentive listener. All my photographic projects are treated with the utmost professionalism. 

They include the signature of a contract detailing the agreed use of the photos.

I work with both professional and amateur models. I speak French (mother tongue) and English. If you'd like to work with me, leave me a message in the contact form or call me on +33 648 261 781.


In these galleries are some of my photographic work. I hope you will enjoy looking at them.





Photos and pictures are ©

Please, do not reuse/redistribute without my permission.

Cobra Paige
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